1. attention as a research tool of the future.

Attention itself becomes a central research instrument in the future.

The discoveries of Joerg Dao, a German pianist and scientist during the past twelve years in the area of attention indicate, that our human attention is the most exact and universal instrument at our disposal.

So far we have not taken enough notice of our attention to understand and utilize its nature and functioning as a research tool.

Additional problems are caused by the fact, that throughout centuries, mystic and religious institutions have taken precedence over the use of our attention by directing it mainly towards prayer, meditation, religion, contemplation or philosophy.

Thereby we missed taking notice of our attention as a neutral instrument for research itself and to understand and utilize its significance.

Instead of directing it to religious or philosophical contents, Dao advises scientists in special sessions to use it first to solve personal and job-orientated problems.

By looking directly into the realms of emotions, the mind and our thinking process, our attention is free to understand its own functioning, without being captured in religious themes.


Future of Science