2. The cognition-theory of Joerg Dao (DCT).

To find and understand new findings in science, the most basic question is first how to direct and align our attention.
The main question will be, WHERE to direct our attention, before any sensible research can start. This will be a research subject in itself in the future.

This is where the cognition-theory of Joerg Dao sets in.
He describes three levels of human existence and states, and that these three levels have to be viewed by our attention simultaneously to come to real inner cognitions.

These three levels are
a) our body
b) our emotions
c) our mind. 

Looking at one level alone, might certainly give some kind of insight,
but will lack at the same time the significance of the other two.

Each level has its own language and way of revealing insights about our existence. Each level also has its own way of showing problems, how to solve them and how to utilize these insights for mankind.

Our present time is mostly preoccupied with the material view, which only looks at material aspects, leavigng out the questions how it feels to be confronted with too much technology, for instance.
And thereby it creates at the same time a lot of problems on the other two levels of human existence, the emotional and mental levels of our lives.
And it is on these levels, where our societies suffer most these days.

New discoveries may be profitable and exiting, they also can be harmful for our emotioal side. Looking at all three levels in one stroke is the only way to get to new insights, that serve all levels of human existence. This is the main statement from this cognition-theory.


Future of Science