- the view from above.

Working with our attention also solves the question
about subjective and objective knowledge.

It will remain to each scientist himself to look at his ideas,
emotions or problems from outside, objectivity,
or to dive into them, sense them and melt with them, subjectivity.

Futhermore, our attention can connect both aspects,
by having the person first only to look at the topic or problem,
later have a closer look and finally penetrate it and see and
experience it from within.

By connecting seeing and experiencing, distance and connectedness,
a new element is created:
3D, three-dimensional thinking, thinking in and with space.

Similar how we need two eyes to see three-dimensional,
and two ears to here stereophonic, we need the unity of seeing and experiencing, feeling and understanding, to actually think in three dimensions.

To gain this kind of dimension means, that the person can look at one particular topic or problem from above, and can see and sense all details at the same time.

The union of seeing and experiencing creates the condition, where the choosen problem or topic will be solved as quick as with the speed of light.

This insight goes together with enhanced mental clarity, higher intelligence and a very strong presence of full awareness.

This 3D, three-dimensional view - termed FUTURING by Joerg Dao - will be the future in all aspects of research, consulting, negociating and planning.


Future of Science