4. DUFT - Dao`s Unified Field Theory.
  Dao`s unified field theory gives clear and easy to reproduce experiments.

To unify the different forces, Dao proposes to start with the force of gravity first, which up till now is the most complex and "confusing" force of physics` four fundamental forces of the universe.

By taking the subjective dive into gravity, scientists can actually experience the unification inside themselves.

"Gravity is not only an outside effect" says Dao, "but an inner experience."
By allowing our attention to gravitate towards its own inner centre, we can literally "see" how our understanding broadens and unifies
different levels of understanding.

"Once, our understanding about gravity is pulled inside,
all other forces und understandings will open up."

"Only those, who have had this experience can actually understanding
the impact of this finding", is Dao`s conclusion.
"With this approach, there is no limit for insights and new understandings."

Quoting the outcome of the 3rd international conference on the
Future of Science in Eutin, Germany, 1998, Dao says "If there is
a unified field, and a formula for it, both for sure will have to encompass
the scientist completely. Otherwise, they are not unified, not complete."

A mere objective view can never achieve a complete unified understanding  of nature and the universe.

"As long as the attention of the scientist wants to
stay outside of the experiment or the formula,
it never will achiece complete understanding,
because the scientist and his attention are still outside of the
finding", says Dao.

With the process, termed FUTURING, scientists easily and savely will be able to experience the unified field and come back with new revelations
and insights.


Future of Science