6. Barbara McClintock.
The inspiration for FoS.

  Other examples of discoveries which cannot easily accounted include the remarkarble story of the career of the Nobel laureate Barbara McClintock .

She showed a perplexing capacity to 'know' that something was true.
Half an hour weeping and sub-consious thinking under an eucalyptus tree on the Stanford campus led her to solve problems about the cytology of Neurospora, which had baffled distinguished scientists for years. By her own account, a vision solved it:

'I was even able to see the internal parts of the chromosomes. It surprised me, because I actually felt as if I were right down there, and these were my friends.'

On the strength of her experiences, she was proud to call herself a mystic, which has not made her popular with many of the scientists in her field; but they have been reluctantly compelled to recognize her 'capacity to know that something was true', twenty years or more before the proofs have eventually shown she was right.

McClintock gained the undivided Nobel-price for medicine in 1983.

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