About Schizophrenia.

There are no human problems, dramas or misunderstandings, that could not been solved with Emotional Clearing (EmC).
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Emotional Clearing (EmC) and the term itself where created and spread by the German psychologist and scientist Joerg Dao in the beginning of the 90s in Germany and Europe.
But these days a lot of people advertise under the label "emotional clearing", without any link or training by Joerg Dao.
Since people liked the term emotional clearing, they mis-used it for everykind of breathing, massage, or even hypno-therapy.
But all these wrong-labelled attemps can never handle emotions and mental problems, that are described here on this page.
So if you want to get the benefits, that are described here, please contact Joerg Dao and his office in Germany directly.

Schizophrenia is NOT Hereditary, and NEVER will be.
The awareness of the doctors of this research is reduced to speculation, that the conditions are hereditary.
This is very, very superficial.
Schizophrenia is NOT (NEVER, NEVER EVER) hereditary.

The symptoms, that are termed schizophrenia, are emotionally impressed into someone, being more receptive than others.
With Emotional Clearing, all symptoms that occur in a mentally or emotional disturbed person, can easily be traced back to the situations, where the emotional reactions of a child, a baby or even an unborn, where that intense, that it could not express them. The unexpressed emotion than became surpressed and since then expresses in uncontrollable manner.
That does not mean, that they are hereditary.

In some few sessions, all symptoms could easily be solved with Emotional Clearing.
It is very necessary, to relate all symptoms to their real origin and guide the attention of someone with emotional or mental problems into these specific areas.

If someone sees pictures or hears voices, it is NOT AT ALL helpfull, to term these experiences as schizophrenia, but to help people getting rid of these experiences.

This is done, by guiding their attention to listen to the voices or look at the pictures.
This should be done by carefully trained EmC-guides (not therapeuts).
If you term these experiences with medical terms, no matter how scientifically they are twisted, you misguide the attention of the people into feeling helpless to handle their problems.
To bring someone into the feeling of helplessness is not only cruel, but is the complete opposite of what humans beings are designed for.