Emotional Clearing (EmC)

A new tool for psychiatry .

Emotional Clearing (EmC) and the term itself where created and spread by the German psychologist and scientist Joerg Dao in the beginning of the 90s in Germany and Europe.
But these days a lot of people advertise under the label "emotional clearing", without any link or training by Joerg Dao.

Since people liked the term emotional clearing, they mis-used it for everykind of breathing, massage, or even hypno-therapy.

But all these wrong-labelled attemps can never handle emotions and mental problems, that are described here on this page.

So if you want to get the benefits, that are described here, please contact Joerg Dao and his office in Germany directly.

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1. A new understanding of our human psyche.

To liberate people living in mental institutions seems to become
very easy, when we understand the human psyche in a different way.
Till now the psyche of people in hospitals has been denied any intelligence of its own.
Instead it became poisoned and degenerated by any means.
If someone starts to use the understanding of
emotional clearing,
the first thing is to talk and communicated with the other person.
And no matter, what she or he is responding,
the answer ALWAYS is a sign of an emotional reaction.

Till now, psychiatry failed to see this point, that there is ALWAYS an emotional reaction to everything.
Maybe reacting emotionally is a basic sign of being alive.

2. Accepting the emotional reaction.

The next step in emotional clearing is NOT to interpret the emotional reaction.
(And of course not to term the person ill, even mentally ill,
which in itself is not possible, because our attention never gets ill, only confused).
This is sometimes difficult for people, who have been too much trained and educated to see everything analytic and in medical terms.

Once, this kind of awareness is established, the other person
will start to open up and give even more emotional reactions.
But this is only possible, when it is guaranteed, that no analytic definition or medical terming will be the answer.
A doctor, a nurse or a therapeut, who answers with medical terms to an emotional reaction
is still not responding to the emotional reaction of the other person.
In such a situation, the person could feel or think, that the reaction was not heard or understood
and try to bring out even more drastic emotional reactions.
In many cases, psychiatrists than take these signs as clear evidence,
that the person is mentally distorted,
where it was his failure to answer to the emotional need.
Once one is trained to understand and react to the emotional reactions of people,
the well being of these people will increase dramatically.

3. Being heard and understood is the basic need as a living being.

Being heard and understood is the basic need as a living being.
And as soon our reaction is without prejudice and analytical interpretation,
the person feels being taken serious.
This is the main missing point in todays psychiatry.

Terming the mind of someone else as ill,
and refusing to give any sensible answer to emotional reactions
is the subtle means of putting the other person into deep emotional insecurity and trouble.

4. Solving our emotional patterns.

If someone is very well trained in emotional clearing,
he can go on and help to solve the riddle of emotional reactions,
inner pictures and horrifying stories, that a patient in mental institutions is ready to narrate.
In doing so, the mental ability to solve the confusion will increase in the person up to a point,
where "suddenly"a flash of clarity, energy and joy comes through and the whole case is solved.
These experiences come generally after three to five sessions.
With this new clarity, the person very clearly can sense and see, what really caused her mental confusion in the first place.
She can understand, that all the treatment in the hospital was to keep her quiet
and not to treat her as a human being.
She also can "see" the inner reasons of the psychiatrists,
why he is unable to answer to human, emotional reactions.
Once this level of clarity is achieved, the confusion and the problem is gone.
You have another happy and self-centered individual.

5. Learning to use Emotional Clearing is easy.

Since it is possible for everyone,
to learn emotional clearing and to give such sessions to everybody,
it should be possible, to help people in mental hospitals very soon.
For a full understanding and a complete mastery of these contents, please take the emotional clearing training.