Emotional Clearing (EmC)
About suicide.

Emotional Clearing (EmC) and the term itself where created and spread by the German psychologist and scientist Joerg Dao in the beginning of the 90s in Germany and Europe.
But these days a lot of people advertise under the label "emotional clearing", without any link or training by Joerg Dao.

Since people liked the term emotional clearing, they mis-used it for everykind of breathing, massage, or even hypno-therapy.

But all these wrong-labelled attemps can never handle emotions and mental problems, that are described here on this page.

So if you want to get the benefits, that are described here, please contact Joerg Dao and his office in Germany directly.

Suicidal tendencies can be redirected.

Everyone can find a new meaning in life.

The main part in suicidal tendencies are emotional and mental misunderstandings
Especially when someone does not get the attention and understanding, that can solve the case, suicidal tendenciey are getting intense.

In many cases, suicidal tendencies are emotional unsolved cases from other family members.
In very severe cases, an earlier suicide in a familiy, even centuries back, can still have a harming influence on someone today.

So solving all those mental and emotional patterns in a family keeps the health and luck of them all.

And it is done with emazing speed in emc-sessions.

Therapeuts, social-workers, clergy,and people on psycho-hotlines should have the basic emc-training to not be overwhelmed by people, who want to discuss their tendency to commit suicid.

Once one is very clear about adressing the attention in someone and guiding him or her through the emotional patterns, there is much more easiness and efficiency in handling these cases.

People with suicidal tendencies can easily find their own misunderstandings, so that they find back to life.
Please write your case to:

diap (at) psychiatry (dot) de

You can get an answer, of how you can solve your case.

If you are interested in taking the EmC-training,
please write to:

dao (at) psychiatry (dot) de

A young woman wanted to kill herself.
Out of luck, she ran into a female emc-guide in Cologne.

She got two sessions, solving the underlying emotional patterns concerning her suicidal tendencies.

The next thing she realized was being in love with a man just a week later !

So her next big problem arose.
"Is it the right one ?"

So we told her, that it was the wrong question.

As soon as she looked into her emotions, she knew how to relate to that man and become lucky.

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This page can save a lot of people.