Emotional Clearing for Parents + Children.

Disabled children.

1. The shock and the despair of the parents.
2. The reading of the emotions.
3. Emotional Clearing (EmC).
4. Basic principles of EmC.
5. Some cases.
6. Contact.

1. The shock and the despair of the parents.

There can`t be a bigger catastrophe for parents than to discover, that their dear and long awaited child is disabled !
What a shock ! What a despair ! Every parent wants to have wholly, healthy children ! That`s the joy of life !
And than, to have a disabled child, is the biggest shock to them !
I have been working with these parents, just to discover, that it would be very, very good,
when they get sessions of Emotional Clearing on those moments, when they heard, saw or experienced, that their child would not be completely healthy.
To free parents from all those guilty thoughts and all other reactions, that keep on hunting their mind.
"What did I do wrong ? How do I deserve this ?"

The next step would be to get free from the explanations, all those experts gave about their child.
Because these explanations all have one thing in common:
They defenitely say: "You can`t do anything to change it.
It is a fact. A biological fact."
Now looking at it from the perspective of Emotional Clearing, that is definitely NOT TRUE.
The disability is NOT only a twist of nature, but of course has mental causes.
And when parents look into the mind of their child, they find all the answers, that they where longing for since the birth of that child.

So experts increase the pain and helplessness in parents by inducing the order: "You can`t do anything !"
But looking with Emotional Clearing very clearly shows, on a mental level, parents can help their children tremendously.

First of all, they should understand the nature of disability in their child.
And second, in most cases, they can discover, that it NEVER was their mistake or guilt.
This is the biggest relieve, that can happen to the parents.
And with that relieve, they will start to enjoy and accept their child more and love it with a more open heart and a more joyful mind.
And that of course is already a lot for the child.

Once parents come to the level of their real love for their child, they see and feel,
that on that level, they are absolutely NOT helpless.
They can see and understand, what the child needs to grow and progress, and what it wants from them.

So parents get a real connection on the level of the heart and mind to their children, and that is not at all disabled.
There is a big exchange of love, and that is the first thing, what connects parent and child and helps them to grow.

In many cases, this experience can be that clear and sound, that they don`t give in to all the treatments, some "experts" would like to administer onto the child, because it is helpless and a lot of treatments would bring in a lot of money.
The parents very clearly see, what is beneficial and what not.
Now they do not decide from the level of their guilt and anxiety, they are no longer at the mercy of a technical thinking doctor, but they understand and decide for their child on the only true level. Complete love !

2. "Reading" the emotions.
There is a little, beautiful tool inside the sessions of emotional clearing,
called: the " reading" of the emotions.
With that, parents get the ability, to directly communicate to the needs and the mind of their child.
They really see and understand, what the real cause of his problem, weakness, disability or desease is.
(Yes folks, that IS posiible now!)

This is the most remarcable tool for the understanding and discovery of our human psyche.
Because to use and succeed in "reading" the emotions of others, one has not to become an expert in psychology.
Everyone can do it !

With these insights, many problems start to melt.
parents no longer need to try certain undercover-wars because of their underlying guilt or anxiety.
They do not need to project any guilt or cause at anything or anybody outside.
A lot of conflicts are solved just with this insight.
Nobody is guilty, it is nobodys fault !
But you have to make this insight yourself.
It is not enough, to hear these words from someone from outside.
You have to discover this truth yourself !

On advanced stages of "reading" the emotions, parents directly understand and support their child mentally.
And on that level, completely new insights and abilities to support and help the children set in.

With these abilities, very soon we will undnerstand the nature of autism and other disabilities much better and find appropriate ways of solving the hidden meaning and causes of these problems.

Parents get into the habit, to really connect to the inner being of their children
and to give them that understanding and love, that they will open up and change a lot of those problems, that where termed incurable up till now.

3. Emotional Clearing (EmC).
Emotional Clearing was developed by the german pianist and scientist Joerg Dao fro 1981 till 1989.
In those years, he was mainly active as a teacher for meditation and had a lot of time to research consciousness and the human mind.
Since 1990 he is training people to apply EmC in special sessions.
People are doctors, health-practicionors, therapeuts, consultants, housewives, students, and even retired people.

To learn Emotional Clearing, one should attend at least five individual session, and get the inner insight, that one would like to apply this kind of sessions for others.
To get these sessions, you have to come to Berlin, Germany.
Emotional Clearing is simple and easy to understand.
The most beneficial part is the idea, to give sessions in return with other EmC-guides.
Once one knows how to give sessions, one doesn`t need to pay for further sessions, one just exchanges them with others.
In this way, there is no limit to solve problems, get more and more insights into the real nature of one`s mind and psyche.

4. Basic principles of EmC.
In emotional clearing, the inner intelligencec of our mind is addressed and starts to cooperate with us.
This inner intelligence has two special features:
a) it only opens up by itself.
b) it only operates from inside.

Both features make sure, that no outer influence and manipulation is possible.
Understanding there two features of our mind, one can use our inner intelligence to get any insight and solve any problem, without any struggle.
Since or inner intelligence is a few million times more intelligent and efficient than any intellect or scientist, to understand and experience this intelligence is the most important step for everyone.
The EmC-guide is trained in such a way, that it is guaranteed, that no outer influences are disturbing the opening of our heart and mind.
That means, an EmC-guide never interprets, manipulates, confuses or pushes in any direction.

Up till now, there was no such tool like EmC.
The main aspect of EmC-sessions is, to re-experience earlier moments of shock, pain or vulnarability, and to understand, why and how they happened.
With that experience and insightm the former unwanted and dramatic situation reduces and changes completely, giving rise to mew and more complete insights and understandings.
Sessions of EmC are completely free of special psychological terms or therapeutic language.
Everyone can feel and talk the way they always talk and feel.

5. Some cases.

This text on disabled children is very dear and important to me.
It was brought up by a mother, whos fourth child was disabled after birth.
She came into the EmC-training and said, she would like to work with mothers and disabled children.

So in her case, her husband flew away, after he realized, that this fourth child was in that bad condition.
Now she was alone, with three children, and a fourth disabled one still in the hospital !
In one session, this mother could see, that there still was some kinf of magical pact between the father and the child, that the child always had to bear certain consequences.
During that session, the child mentally took this pact and contract and wrapped it up and threw it into an ocean.
The next day, this child already could be nourished with normal food!
Isn`t that great !

Another mother looked into the emotions of her daughter and could see
the main misunderstanding between her and her father.
The father always said to himself: When she is healthy, I can love her.
The daughter inside always thought: When he loves me, I can become healthy.

An adult, disabeled man from a very rich family should move
into a home for disabled young men to learn some skills for a job.
At home, he only was sitting around and watching TV.
In a session, the new wive of his father (not his mother) looked into his emotions and understood,
that he would defintely like to stay home.
To be save and accepted was the most important message from his emotions.
This was some kind of equivalent for being loved and cared about.
Now sending him into a foreign home for him meant, being no more loved and cared for.
Since he missed his real mother after the divorce of his parents,
at least he wanted to stay home and feel save there.
When he was accepted in this way, he could come out with remarcable improvements on the mental level for himself.

6. Contact.

You have disabled children yourself ? Or you are working in this kind of setting ?
You want to get into contact with us ?
Be free to send any question or comment.
email: diap (at) psychiatry (dot) de

Emotional Clearing (EmC) and the term itself where created and spread by the German psychologist and scientist Joerg Dao in the beginning of the 90s in Germany and Europe.
But these days a lot of people advertise under the label "emotional clearing", without any link or training by Joerg Dao.
Since people liked the term emotional clearing, they mis-used it for everykind of breathing, massage, or even hypno-therapy.
But all these wrong-labelled attemps can never handle emotions and mental problems, that are described here on this page.
So if you want to get the benefits, that are described here, please contact Joerg Dao and his office in Germany directly.


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