Emotional Clearing (EmC)
About Psychosis.
There are no human problems, dramas or misunderstandings, that could not been solved with Emotional Clearing (EmC).
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Psychotic outbursts have very clear origins in early childhood traumatas.
As long as we don`t know how to address and understand
the emotional outburst and the meaning of it all,
our instincts would like to flee from these scenes.

So it is no wonder that psychotic patients are under the most difficult
to handle in any hospital or session.

A psycho-analtical doctor in German said, that normally analytical therapy doesn`t handle psychotics.
And she never had in her 30+ years practice.

But now, with emotional clearing, she is very confident and has
a lot of these patients.

And Emotional Clearing is one of the main tools
she is using in these cases now.

To help psychotic patients,
1) to distinguish between the theory and terming of that outnurst:
normally - psychotic.
Those terms are of little or no help to the person in that problem.

2) The real emotional expression, that takes place during such a incident. The stronger anger, anxiety or sadness are expressed, the more it is needed to be present and in a human way understanding, what is really happening in that person`s heart and mind. Only that can help to solve these cases.

3) So called "experts" can`t handle psychotic outbursts, since they
are themselves still not free from their inner anxiety, rage and
anger. If that starts to show up in patients, they automatcially
go into their defensive mode. That`s why it is so en vogue, to
than drive chemicals into these patients. 

It all looks so scientific and clever, whereas in reality it is
complete human cowardice.
It is running away, and masking it with clever medical terms.
But look at these "experts", they are ALL afraid.

There was a busride of alternative medical-people from Germany in France on holiday, when on one of the last days an older woman got into a very intense psychotic outburst.

After a few hours of trying to help, four doctors in that group didn`t know what else to do with her at midnight than to send her into the next psychiatric hospital, that was from that village quite far away.

In that scene, a friend of mine with the training in EmC stepped in and solved the case from 24 - 3 h in the morning.
No more psychotic outbursts.
And she was deeply moved and forever thankfull for that session.

Nurses with the training in Emotional Clearing always relate, that they now address a psychotic patient with very few EmC-questions, and those patients very quickly become quite and settled, and they don`t need chemical drugs to stay calm during the night.

It even does not take whole sessions for them !
Just a few right questions and the right attitude and setting !