Emotional Clearing (EmC)

A new understanding of our human psyche.

There are no human problems, dramas or misunderstandings, that could not been solved with Emotional Clearing (EmC).
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Emotional Clearing (EmC) and the term itself where created and spread by the German psychologist and scientist Joerg Dao in the beginning of the 90s in Germany and Europe.

But these days a lot of people advertise under the label "emotional clearing", without any link or training by Joerg Dao.

Since people liked the term emotional clearing, they mis-used it for everykind of breathing, massage, or even hypno-therapy.

But all these wrong-labelled attemps can never handle emotions and mental problems, that are described here on this page.
So if you want to get the benefits, that are described here, please contact Joerg Dao and his office in Germany directly.

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1. Emotional Clearing (EmC).
This new tool came up after over 20 years of meditation.
In Germany it is already known as the most easy and fastest way to help release mental, psychic and emotional problems.

The whole starting point of EmC is the understanding about us humans.
EmC starts with the understanding, that we already have something inside, that is clear, true and working completely in harmony with the rest of us and the whole of our life.

As soon as we work with our attention and apply this understanding to an EmC-session,
we will find, that it is our inner attention, that can solve all problems with light-speed.

There is no need to analyze, comment or critizise the problem.
Working with this inner clarity makes solving problems a real joy,
since the final experience will be easyness, love, understanding and the melting of years and decades of emotional stress and tension.

2. In EmC the goal is not to reduce a problem, pain or disease,
but to help people getting true insights about themselves.
Since the ability to find out and to know is already installed in us,
the exact and precise shifting of our attention is the main key in an EmC-session.
The experience and the outstanding results of Emotional Clearing
have attracted many scientist, doctors, and health-practicionors
to practice and recommend Emotional Clearing in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Irland, Netherlands, Luxemburg and even India.

3. The main understanding in EmC:
Any human problem and desaster can be understood and solved. One of the problems of todays psycho-therapies and psychiatrist is the tendency to comment, judge and far too often prejudice the problem without precise interaction with the patient.
In EmC there are no comments, no judgement, no speculation, no whatsoever.
The whole session consists of the expressions of emotions and the trials of the patient, to discribe and understand his or her state of mind and emotions.

4. Emotional stress and tensions.
Since emotional stress and tensions can build up very intense during an EmC-session, it is required, that only professional trained guides should give EmC-sessions. It should be garantueed, that even in moments of biggest dramatic expressions, there will be definitely no,no,no interference from the guide. If any doctor, therapist or social worker could work with these easy principles of EmC, there could be a lot less problems and more happy people around.

5. Some of the very intense emotional problems,
that could be solved in a few sessions.

Sexual abuse, sexual abuse in childhood, death of near and loving relatives,
long lasting depression, any kind of anxiety,
headaches, migrane, mental distress after an abortion,
suicidal tendencies, drug problems.

The main experience in all of these cases:
Heavy emotional problems are in reality not my personal emotional problem,  but belong to someone else, mostly someone of my near relatives.

Once this general rule has been applied,
the depression in a very short moment is solved,
when the patient can actually see and feel, how the whole problem really started in the other person.

Many older people in Germany have to find,
that their decades-old depression in reality was the anxiety of their mother,  assembled at traumatic incidents during or after world war II.

6. Recent research on Emotional Clearing is centered around
one of our best hidden taboos.
It is the hidden information of who really is your father.
In many cases in Germany, children have been procreated by sexual abuse during second world war.

The mother and her later husband in many cases have sworn unto each other, never to mention this incedent.
After 20 or 30 years, the curious child starts to investigate,
just to find a wall of silence.

We could solve many of these cases and clear the misconceptions in
a) the real father
b) the mother
c) the step-father and finally
d) the child .

To get to the real facts and see, what emotions and problems drove your mother to the idea,
not telling the truth and understanding her position at that time,
helps someone to solve this riddle, and to embrace all of them in a feeling of love, happiness and clarity,
when all the hidden emotions and unspoken mysteries have been uplifted.

We already started to encourage children to really find out,
who their true father was and lift the whole story from the mere story-telling.

The final outcome after all these investigations always was:
Love, understanding and peace in all, who were involved.
We even could solve those cases, where the relatives had been dead since long time,
since the truth is there in our hearts, so we surely can find it.

4. Emotional Clearing - where it comes from.
It was designed and discovered by the german pianist and meditation-teacher Joerg Dao.
EmC was first presented and taught in sweden 1990.
With the experience of over 20 years of meditation, joerg dao presents a new understanding of the human psyche.
Today you can get EmC-sessions in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

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